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    Nestled in California’s foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is the County of El Dorado, a name that means “The Golden One.” Within its borders are found communities that inhabit the breathtaking scenery and the historicity of California’s gold rush era. Towns like Placerville, Georgetown, Fairplay, and Camino are surrounded by some of the state’s most well-preserved and desirable properties because of their rural feel and natural beauty.

    For those seeking a second home as a retreat from the more populous areas and enjoy the best of nature’s sights and peaceful surroundings there are opportunities abounding. For the more adventurous, El Dorado County has some of California’s finest golfing, rafting, kayaking, ski/snowboarding lodges, hiking, equestrian activities, fishing, and gaming available.

    Vineyards in El Dorado County have drawn an increasing number of award winning vintners whose wineries are producing wines that compete globally at prestigious events. They are being rewarded for their excellence by attracting increasing numbers of wine aficionados to their many enjoyable local events.

    The popular “Apple Hill” farms just 5 minutes east of Placerville are favorite destinations on a series of “trails” with designated signs to more than 100 farms, ranches and wineries in El Dorado County that provide year-round and seasonal family activities for visitors.

    Whether you’re investing in a personal or company mountain retreat, or making this scenic paradise your primary residence, our decades of Real Estate experience based here in El Dorado County is available to you immediately. Contact us for information on how to make the beautiful Sierra Nevada communities of El Dorado County your personal property choice today!

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